The Restoration of the World Begins at Home.

The current plight of our churches, and the ongoing demise of our American culture can be directly traced to the century-old battle to tear down Biblical families and undermine the authority of God in our nation.

But God is at work! He is restoring humanity and redeeming creation, all for his glory.

Every kind of family—no matter how broken—has (1) the right to be restored by God’s grace and (2) the inescapable duty to participate in the joy of administering his plan to bless the whole earth.

Biblical families are marked by their pursuit of inter-generational influence (dynasty) and are not simply satisfied with securing a worldly legacy for themselves. Their mission is to love God and their ministry is to love people.

Every family, including yours, has a unique God-given dunamis power designed to extend God’s blessing to the nations; it begins with re-storying your family to align with God’s desire that you live as one multi-generational household, enacting his cultural mandate to bring goodness and order to the ends of the earth.

In light of the dominion mandate given in Genesis chapter one, Sean Morris reframes the discussion about God’s mission of the church to create spiritual community and your family’s mandate to enact God’s will on earth.

How? By re-storying nuclear and inter-generational family into the dynastic family God intends them to be.


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