vision and Mission 

The re-storying of Christian nuclear families into Christian dynastic families is the key to wielding the authority of Christ on earth. The dominion mandate expressed in Genesis 1:28 has never been rescinded or replaced. Christian family dynasties, supported by the Church, under the authority of God, can bring reconciliation and restoration to a waiting and wanting world.

Our pastoral, family, and ministry experiences in South Africa, Austria, Australia, and the United States are the testing grounds for our confidence in God. Families have been restored. Prodigals have come home. Political divides have weakened. Moral failings have been overcome. Local economies have flourished. Church engagement has increased. All by the grace of God, under the lordship of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christian dynastic families.

Sean & Trudie Morris

Sean is a pastor, international speaker, and kingdom entrepreneur. He is privileged to minister in multiple nations, planting churches, Bible colleges, and charities. Throughout his business career, Sean and owned multiple businesses winning national industry awards and seeing explosive ten-fold growth!

Trudie’s passion for cultural transformation was prompted by her opposition to the archaic adoptions laws of Australia. As a member of the Family First party, she was a candidate for the Federal Senate in Australia.

For more information about Sean and Trudie Morris,

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